Founded in Cologne, Germany by a duo of International entrepreneurs with over 50+ years of experience in global content and data management, Yaliyomo and our industry-leading Content Management Platform (CMP) Y™ answers the growing demand from consumers in a changing world, for full transparency and better traceability. Consumers are keen to know everything about the product they are purchasing and brand owners/retailers are interested to keep their products identity and integrity.

Yaliyomo’s platform helps brands to enable consumers to identify their products, trace it from the origin and validates the all attributes for building trust. Retailers working with the content that they securely receive and syndicate via Yaliyomo’s platform can keep all stakeholders accountable and transparent on the content by securely and storing it in the cloud and by leveraging the state of the art blockchain technology – an industry first for a CMP.

By storing information in a way where content is 100% secure, untenable and fully traceable. Y™ helps brand owners and retailers market and sell their products and drives business growth by not only collecting, enriching and storing product content in a highly intuitive and centralised way, but also by demonstrating traceability and authenticity of a product to customers.

Whether a consumer is purchasing a luxury handbag, ethically sourced coffee or life-saving medicine, Yaliyomo and Y™ gives them confidence and authentic content that what they are buying is the real thing, every time.

“Dedicated to building products and services enabling “users” and communities to leverage the content for achieving better and more sustainable future for all…”

Our Purpose

Yaliyomo’s 5 Cs

Our Values

Customer centric – app driven, intuitive, customizable, multi-language, globally accessible platform
Confidential – 100% secure, permission based, private block-chain infrastructure.
Community– enabling users to create, interact & manage communities and exchange content that they trust
Collaboration – driven by critical, private content leveraged by stakeholders which is mission critical to businesses and achieving better and more sustainable future for all
Committed – providing highly scalable, cloud based, secure Content Management Platform (CPM) to bring transparency and sustainability to their operations

Björn Bayard Co-Founder COO / CIO

sign Nihat Arkan Co-Founder & CEO

Our history

We’re empowering our customers across the world

After establishing the company with initial investors and industry-led founders, Yaliyomo has accelerated development of YTM by working in partnership with a range of cross-sector retailers and industry experts to ensure that our Content Management Platform is the most secure on the market, highly scalable, flexible to customer needs and multi-lingual, ensuring that brands can roll it out globally.

HQ in Cologne. Offices in Hyderabad, Zurich and Leeds.
• HQ – Cologne, Germany
• N. America Regional Coordination – Houston, TX
• Product Design and Development – Zurich, Switzerland
• Technology and Platform Development – Hyderabad, India & Cologne, Germany
• Marketing & Social Media – Leeds, UK