Your success rests on how well you can answer the demands of your customers and, increasingly, how well you can store, track, and analyse the information generated by your brand.

Y™ is the world’s first Content Management Platform leveraging the blockchain infrastructure to provide 100% security and untenable content depository where all stakeholders within the value chain, from manufacturing point to all the way to consumer, can access, track, leverage and syndicate it. Enabling TRUST and COMMUNITY building– for products and services – in way that is 100% secure & reliable which helps all stakeholders to eliminate inefficiencies and drives business growth.

Y™ has been developed with multi-million Euro of investment and support from global experts to develop a new kind of CMP – one that leverages the advantage of blockchain technology to create the world’s most powerful content tool – simply, it is the new world standard in content management.

Combining unrivalled security with a powerful data storage and analysis system, it allows brands to optimise processes, cut waste and maximise growth.

Your brand’s success rests on how quickly you can adapt and respect to new customer demands, new market forces, and your product integrity.

You need a new way to manage your product content and optimize the reliability of the content for success across every channel --- without sacrificing security or control.

Yaliyomo combines a comprehensive set of product identification standards with digital siblings to enable you (and your customers) to identify, track and leverage the content

Solving real world challenges

In the luxury goodsmarket alone, lack of efficient content identification and transparency costs brands billions of dollars every year, and the inability of consumers and, increasingly, businesses themselves, to spot counterfeit goods, is eroding trust in the market and has led to an estimated $98B loss of revenue and brand dilution in the last decade.
In the healthcare sector, the ability to validate a product, its provenance, and its journey from manufacture to sale is even more obviously important.

Find out how Y™ can optimise growth for your brand and efficiencies for healthcare agencies and organisations

The power of Blockchain

Blockchain technology enables brands to solve many of these concerns, but it is not always well understood.

Simply, it describes a new type of database, where information is stored as a “block”, where changes to the information, instead of overwriting the block, are instead stretched out as a “chain”.

This new system presents radically new and more powerful ways for brands to utilise data – by storing content in “chains”, it allows you to connect data flows and produces a holistic view of an asset’s journey across its product lifecycle, and because “blocks” can’t be deleted, any changes made to your content are visible to you instantly – they can be wound back, tracked or changed again – all visible and traceable at all times.

The Power of Y™


Process streamlining

- Clearly defined product content entry and management processes
- Leveraging existing industry standards, like GDSN, and providing flexibility according to internal data management processes
- Clear processes from manufacturing to retail and secondary markets
- Possibility to add a payment function (smart-contracts)


Visibility and insights

- Tracking product from origin / source to consumer
- Identify supply chain inefficiencies, improving content flow between stakeholders
- Visibility and data collection throughout the product lifecycle
- Enabling 3rd parties to provide product relevant content, certifications and consumer demanded validations


Revenue potential

- Get closer to your clients, provide trust and create long lasting relationship with your consumers and business partners
- Develop new marketing channels and tailored revenue models by leveraging the real-time, reliable content
- Stronger brand reputation and value
- Improved 2d, 3rd hand selling opportunities for highly values products



End users/consumers and all stakeholders within the value chain are empowered to verify product quality and provenance


Product Identification & integrity

- Validating 100% product authenticity
- Single, auditable source of information
- Confirming ownership of the product and source of the product



- Immutable database and product depository with 100 based to Blockchain infrastructure
- All entries recorded in a linear manner and permission based

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