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Success in the luxury sector is based on reputation, consumer trust and the accurate modelling of supply chains and retail performance.

Most CMS systems don’t deliver the performance and control that high end brands need to ensure success in the market. Loss of revenue as a result of inaccuracies in the data chain are endemic, and the growth in fraudulent goods threatens the continued viability of businesses around the world.

Answering your needs

Success in the luxury sector is based on reputation, consumer trust and the accurate modelling of supply chains and retail performance. Here are some use cases:


Content Integrity

Missing content (50% of the product content) - Wrong content 30% of the product content

3.5% of the sales ($5 Billion/Year*)


Price Management

12-15% wrong invoicing - 5 to 20% promotions not managed timely - Lack of real-time accurate inventory reporting

$47Bn shrinkage - $36Bn claims and chargebacks - $50+ Bn loss of sales


Traceability & Accountaility

Lack of efficient identification of luxury items - Missing customer accessed validation and tracking systems

$98Bn loss of revenue and brand dilution


Y™ solves these issues – delivering accuracy and security that reduces risk, increases trust and serves the interests of providers, healthcare workers and patients.


Validating 100% product authenticity
Single, auditable source of information
Confirming ownership of the product and source of the product


Immutable database and product depository with 100 based to Blockchain infrastructure
All entries recorded in a linear manner and permission based


Tracking product from origin / source to consumer
Identify supply chain inefficiencies, improving content flow between stakeholders
Visibility and data collection throughout the product lifecycle
Enabling 3rd parties to provide product relevant content, certifications and consumer demanded validations


Clearly defined product content entry and management processes
Leveraging existing industry standards, like GDSN, and providing flexibility according to internal data management processes
Clear processes from manufacturing to retail and secondary markets
Possibility to add a payment function (smart-contracts)


Get closer to your clients, provide trust and create long lasting relationship with your consumers and business partners
Develop new marketing channels and tailored revenue models by leveraging the real-time, reliable content
Stronger brand reputation and value
Improved 2d, 3rd hand selling opportunities for highly values products


End users/consumers and all stakeholders within the value chain are empowered to verify product quality and provenance

Traceability and accuracy

A luxury product might pass through five or more stages before getting to the consumer – and the secondary market for high-value goods means product lifecycles can last for years or decades.

It is essential for brands – whether they make beautiful leather goods, sell vintage furniture or the best racing bikes – to know where their products have been made, by who and with what materials. Who bought them and how to recognise those same products if and when they come back into the business.

With our industry-leading blockchain-backed Content Management System, YTM can deliver this level of detailed tracking, centrally and accurately, offering firms:

• 100% guaranteed authenticity on all their products
• Traceability of ownership information – essential for products that often rise in value
• Shareable public profiles for different assets – helping to build brand reputation

Protecting your reputation

The global counterfeit market is growing, and across the world global brands lost average $98B in revenue to fake products every year – materials that are increasingly hard to tell apart from the authentic originals.

This problem damages consumer trust and can have a major impact on the future of a business.

By building in complete traceability to product information, brands with YTM can show – every single time – that their goods are authentic, at point of sale and within the secondary market as well.

And because traceability can stretch back to the maker, brands with YTM can demonstrate to consumers that their companies are working in sustainable, ethical ways, giving them a clear advantage in the market.

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