The Advisory Board Members contribute their insights to Yaliyomo and its Executive Management on global technology, finance/fundraising, market based strategic developments and their relevance to retail and healthcare sectors.

They help us:

Improve our understanding of customers the market and industry trends

Work through issues raised by founders/directors or executive management with unbiased insights and ideas from a third point-of-view

Explore new, innovative ideas for products and the wider business

Grow brand awareness through their extensive experience

Ensure robust governance of our business that supports a sustainable growth strategy

Monitor, validate and challenge business performance

Our Global Advisory Board


Jorg Pretzel

Chairman of the Board

(CEO) Vorsitzender - Symposium Feines Essen und Trinken

Hans-Joerg Dohrmann

Board Member

(CEO) – internetstores Entrepreneur & Investor

Ulf Adebahr

Board Member

(CIO) at Lidl Digital International GmbH & Co. KG, Head of BC Digital at Schwarz IT KG

Cenk Gurol

Board Member

(CIO) / Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) at Aeon Asia

Christopher P Peterka

Board Member

Futurist & Entrepreneur

Yair Esrubilsky

Board Member

(President) at Lumina Investment Advisors LLC

Fabiano Silveira Aguilar

Board Member

(Founder and Managing Director) at Parabellum RE

Advised by Internationally Renowned Industry Experts

Combining Global Experience and Organizational skills with Technical know-how and strategic thinking in the creation of a World’s First Blockchain-based “Content Management Platform” – Yaliyomo

Executive Team