Combining Global Experience and Organizational skills with Technical know-how and strategic thinking in the creation of a World’s First Blockchain-based “Content Management Platform” – Yaliyomo

This is a true partnership which has started 12 years ago Nihat emphasizes…together with Björn, many multinationals projects managed, multiple products developed and numerous strategic planning in line with financial projections deployed.

Working in a multinational company where organizational planning requires cultural awareness and financial planning Björn outsource the workload to Nihat and when it is time to think strategically and develop a product that is a state of the art Nihat leaves every detail to Björn.

Joining such complimentary skills along with 60+ years of global business experience Nihat and Björn are extremely excited to deploy Yaliyomo and focus in Global Content Management process under a platform which is uniquely based on Blockchain infrastructure.

Company's founders


Nihat Arkan


Nihat has over 25 years of experience with Global Content Management, establishing and growing some of the World’s Largest Content Management companies as a CEO across three different continents.

With a particular focus on global expansion, market development, and proven track records guiding organisations through periods of accelerated growth, Nihat works with cross-functional teams to execute Yaliyomo’s vision, using innovative business approaches and implement cutting-edge technology solutions that drive growth and efficiency for our customers.

Björn Bayard


Byörn has worked with Content and Master Data Management at multiple levels for over 20 years, including periods running self-deployed consultancy practices and over two decades experience in PIM (Product Information Management), MDM (Master Data Management) platforms and global expert in project implementations in the healthcare, chemical and CPG industries. His passion is designing, building and deploying products - and is proud that one of his solutions – PIM / MDM Pool – is still being used by the world’s largest retailers and FMCG companies in their day to day operations to this day. He is focused on working with stakeholders and expert to ensure that YTM is aligned to their needs and continues to deliver the best solutions for brands and their customers.

Advised by International Renowned Industry Experts

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