27 April 2020, Cologne, Germany - Pioneering new CMP business Yaliyomo has today launched a new website for business customers to access information about YTM - the world’s first entirely Blockchain-based Content Management Platform.

The new website - www.yaliyomo.net - has been developed to provide customers, particularly those in retail and healthcare, with easily accessible information about Y™, how it can support business growth and more detail about the Yaliyomo’s purpose and business objectives.

The company, which launched earlier this year and has engaged in multiple pilots in retail and luxury brand manufacturers and plans to launch an initial product in summer 2020. Yaliyomo.net gives potential customers and investors a chance to find out more about the firm and will help anyone looking for a more secure Content Management Platform find out more about how YTM can drive future growth.

Along with their new website, the business has expanded its online presence with the simultaneous launch of their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Yaliyomo maintains a Global Advisory Board (GAB) with renowned members representing multiple industries and disciplines. GAB’s Member Mr. Ulf Adebahr - Head of BC Digital at Schwarz IT KG and acting CIO at Lidl Digital International GmbH & Co. KG - I am very excited to be part of this energetic, forward-thinking global board and Yaliyomo’s business plans and cutting edge technology platform would certainly bring a different approach to transparency and trust demanding content management world.”

Yaliyomo’s Co-founder and CEO Nihat Arkan, said, “I’m delighted that we’re taking this exciting step in introducing Yaliyomo and YTM to the world for the first time. The power of Blockchain – and the vast advantages it offers – transparent, accessible and 100% secure and trusted content – will be essential for retailers and healthcare providers in this new world in which we are living.

“I’d encourage anyone with interest in leveraging content to enable growth, who wants greater visibility of their content and needs a way to protect sensitive information, to visit www.yaliyomo.net and get in touch to see how we can help.”