An innovative new partnership between the food tech-startup Organic Garden and content management company Yaliyomo will deliver greater traceability and reassurance for consumers, claim the firms involved.

In a sign that forward-thinking brands are increasingly exploring technical solutions to satisfy customer concerns, Organic Garden AG is part of the new wave of innovative food companies embracing blockchain-backed technology to give customers clear visibility of sustainability and traceability information.

The Bavarian firm will begin incorporating Yaliyomo’s blockchain-based tracking across their product line of health-conscious, sustainably-sourced groceries this autumn. The new system will allow consumers to access information by scanning a QR code on the product, including grower details, ingredient lists and certification and in the long term also the ecological footprint of the food they buy.

Blockchain authentication allows customers to validate their buying choices – people buying from Organic Garden can assure their choices directly and trace their food back to the grower.

Martin Wild, CEO of Organic Garden, the blockchain rollout is a vital part of its push to deliver an enhanced reassurance and visibility for its customers. “Partnering with Yaliyomo means greater security and traceability for our customers around sustainability and the organic certification of their food. We live in a world where people are increasingly choosing to eat sustainably. Still, current food labelling can be confusing, and consumers tell us they want a simple, easy and trustworthy way of validating their choice. The Yaliyomo system gives us, and our customers, the reassurance that they are making the right choices for themselves, their families and the planet.”, explained Mr. Wild.

Nihat Arkan, Co-Founder and CEO of Yaliyomo, explained, “We are delighted that Organic Garden has chosen us to support their blockchain-based content management programme. Building a sustainable food system is a vital part of combating climate change now and in the future. Consumer confidence and integrity are the foundations of helping customers to make the best food choices.”

The partnership comes months after the tech newcomer secured another win with cereals giant Agrarius, indicating that tech-backed food traceability might finally be entering the mainstream. Arkan commented, stating, “It is true that innovative brands are already responding to increased consumer pressure for 100% certainty in organic authentication and transparency around sustainability by using blockchain-based services. We see that particularly in the organic sector, but big agri-food firms are also paying attention and can see the value in improving their traceability. I am sure it will soon become industry standard for everyone in this market.”

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Yaliyomo’s platform helps brands give their consumers more information about their products, trace them from origin and validates product attributes - building trust between products, retailers and consumers. Retailers working with the CMP that they securely receive and syndicate via Yaliyomo’s platform can keep all stakeholders accountable and transparent by securely storing information in a blockchain-secured cloud - an industry first for a CMP.

By storing information in a way that secures content with a 100% guarantee, Yailiyomo makes data fully traceable, and helps brand owners and retailers market and sell their products, and drive business growth by answering increased consumer demand in this area.

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Organic Garden

The food-tech start-up Organic Garden rethinks the current food system and has a holistic approach to nutrition. Organic Garden develops a sustainability model that covers the entire food supply chain - from food production to the finished dish.

Within the future Organic Garden Farms, food will be cultivated in an environmentally friendly, circular economy in such a way that many people can be supplied with organic-quality products throughout the entire year - decentrally and with short transportation.

The company inspires people to eat healthily while acting in an environmentally conscious manner.

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